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Artist Biography

My name is Stephen Kenny and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. My introduction to kiln fired glass as an art form occurred at the John C. Campbell folk school in western North Carolina in 2002. I attended a week long class fusing and slumping glass and was instantly captivated by the process and beauty of the art we created. I realized that I had found my calling in life. I relocated to Asheville, North Carolina from the summer of 2003 to winter of 2004 to study with and be mentored by members of the Southern Highlands Craft Guild to more fully learn the art of fused and slumped glass and to refine my own techniques. I subsequently returned to Phoenix and began my own art glass studio focusing my efforts on expanding my field of knowledge in kiln fired glass and discovering new, unusual techniques to incorporate into my art.

I gain inspiration from the materials and processes used during the creation stage of my work. Each piece of fused and slumped art glass is a mystery waiting to be discovered. I have control over the design elements and color palette for each piece I create, but the addition of heat, time and gravity ultimately create the finished product.

I strive to combine elements of wood and glass to create pieces that are simple, aesthetically pleasing and functional. I trust that each piece you acquire will be a keepsake for life. . .


It is very difficult to quote pricing on every piece I create as each item is unique in terms of materials used during the glass fusing and draping process as well as the wood selected for each piece of lighted art glass.

For further information or to place an order:

Call (602) 375-2462
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Mailing address:

Kenny Creations
c/o Stephen Kenny
1021 East Village Circle Drive North
Phoenix, Arizona 85022

Shipping and handling:

Quoted on a per item/per destination basis


* Arizona Association of Fine Woodworkers
* Artlink Inc.
* Arizona Artists Guild
* Prescott Fine Arts Association